Renting the e-Poster System
29 000 HUF/unit/day for the 1st day
26 000 HUF/unit/day for the 2nd day
19 000 HUF/unit/day for the 3rd day
9000 HUF/unit/day from the 4th day
• One-day event additional fee: 25 000 HUF (does not depend on the number of leased systems)
• Travel/shipping costs: 100 HUF/km (from Pécs, Hungary. Minimum 15.000 HUF.)
Prices include: stand, control unit with custom board or with touch screen, computer with pre-installed system, necessary cables and a 47" full HD LED screen.
Prices don't include: Hungarian VAT (27%) and the shipping fee. For transport cost ask for an offer!